Sunday, January 02, 2005

Jane Eyre

by Charolette Bronte

thumbs up

When I was at the library getting a copy of Wuthering Heights, I saw Jane Eyre sitting on the shelf next to it and decided I should read that book also. I liked Jane Eyre. I found myself wondering what she would do next and enjoyed the other cast of characters also.

Jane is an oprhan and must fend for herself in the world, but does so with a lot of piss and vinegar. She knows how to keep her place, but she also knows how to speak up for herself when necessary. Good read.
Reading these books from so long ago, I was surprised to hear ejaculated used in place of said and other period speech. Besides that and other period differences, it was nice to "hear" the grand speech of English society throughout the book.

Wuthering Heights

by Emily Bronte

on the fence

I decided to read a classic this time. I had a hard time getting into the book, but they could be because I listened to it on audiobook and my mind can wander sometimes. Trying to give the book the benenfit of the doubt, I picked up a paperback copy of the book from the library and re-read what I had listened to.

The book was okay, but it isn't great. I wasn't wondering what would happen next, and for me that says it wasn't very interesting. It was an okay story and all, but not a favorite for me. I am glad to have read the book though and met its character Heathcliff, after hearing him referenced different times over the years.