Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Uncle Tom's Cabin

by Harriet Beecher Stowe

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The book is a great story about several different slaves and their owners and the paths their lives lead. What's really fascinating is to think that this book was written in 1852 and knowing what an impact the book had on slavery and life in the U.S. It makes me wonder what book is being written now that will be read 150 years later and be looked at as a book that so greatly changed our country and the thoughts of its people.

This was one of those books assigned in high school that I never read and finally got around to reading now. I mainly wanted to read it to know what it meant when someone was referred to as being an "Uncle Tom." I wish I would've read it back then when I could've had the teachers' insights to the book. My biggest question is about the meaning behind the label of "Uncle Tom." I disagree with what it's supposed to imply. Uncle Tom isn't someone who does whatever Whitey demands, he is a thoughtful, honest, hardworking Christian who does everything he thinks the Lord wishes him to do.

Monday, March 07, 2005

The Poisonwood Bible

by Barbara Kingsolver

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This is probably one of my favorite books. The book tells the story of a missionary family's time in the Congo. The chapters are told by one of the five women (the mother or one of the four daughters). This is a very interesting book, very clever, very entertaining. Love it!

Why is Sex Fun?: The Evolution of Human Sexuality

by Jared Diamond

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This isn't a how-to sex guide. It's an anthropological look at why the sexual nature of humans evolved the way it did. It's pretty darned interesting, too. The book is only a teensy bit scientific sounding, so it's a lot easier to read than other scientifically based books.